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  • Live stream is every Thursday at 4pm Pacific / 5pm Mountain (convert it to your own timezone).
  • The session will run 30-40 minutes.
  • This is a part of a series of trainings that will only be available through these livestreams. Recordings can be accessed through our Patreon page. (Link Below)
  • Live streams are free.

You are in exactly the right place!

Want to be a fine artist? A concept or character artist for a gaming company?

Want to work for Disney, Pixar, Warner Bros? Marvel Comics?

For most of four decades, Steve has helped thousands of artists find a career in all those places and more.

And this is where you can train for free with the guy who coaches the pros and teaches the teachers on six continents.

If you want to master head drawing, figure drawing, composition, how to sketch, how to render, this is the tribe for you.

And not only will Steve give you clear concise training on how to draw the human form, he’ll show you how to see that ART as something much more powerful than we’ve been led to believe.

And how YOU are something more than you’ve been led to believe.

And if you type in your email in the box below, we’ll make sure you never have to miss a single drawing lesson.

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